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To this day, a fine bespoke suit isn't men's exclusive. More and more female celebrities are promoting women's tailored suits and redefining gender roles. Women start wearing suits at workplaces and different events. A women's tailored suits can be cool and feminine at the same time.

Creating women's tailored suits is a true artistic process. Women's body curves and measurements require another level of specialization and attention to detail. Here in Leader Tailor, we strive at presenting your ideal women's tailored suits.

Selecting from thousands of fabrics, patterns, and styling options, our stylists will guide you through the process, helping you create a women's tailored suits as unique as you are.







Shirt Gap
An Exquisite women's bespoke shirt should avoid having a gap between your blazer's collar and shirt.
Shoulder width
A good-looking women's bespoke suit should be able to highlight your body curve. We recommend you pick a more fitting cutting as long as it doesn't affect your movement and comfort.
Tie width
Try to wear a tie the same width as your collar to create a more harmony visual effect.
Roll up Sleeves
Don't want to look too solemn? Roll up your sleeves to create a more casual vibe.







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