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Best Bespoke Suits in Taipei

幼兒男神 泡泡哥哥


Didi | Writer

For work, especially in crucial client meetings or negotiations, I always choose a professional suit. It not only conveys expertise but also commands presence in the competitive business landscape. The selection of this "battle attire" is meticulous, aiming for uniqueness over mere distinctiveness.
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James | News Anchor

I believe that donning this suit will boost my self-assurance, enabling me to confront professional challenges with composure and grace. If you're contemplating a shift from off-the-rack suits to bespoke suit, I strongly encourage you to give it a try!
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Stanley | Fitness coach / Model

Devoting substantial time to sculpting a physique deserving of admiration, I chose to enhance my appearance with a bespoke suit. This not only highlighted my well-toned body but also boosted my confidence. The precise craftsmanship of the suit undeniably made an impact, capturing attention and garnering compliments.
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簡報講師 丁子芸


Ms. Su | CMO

If you feel inadequate right now, it doesn't mean you're not good enough. You might just be in the wrong place, wearing a shirt that doesn't suit you. If that shirt is suffocating your life, take it off. Order a new one. Don't force yourself into the size of the shirt; the shirt should be tailored to fit you.
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Ms. Chun Jou | Psychologist

Long before we articulate our thoughts, our attire silently weaves the initial impression that sets the tone. The way we dress speaks volumes, creating an unspoken narrative that subtly communicates our style, personality, and perhaps even our intentions.
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Ms. Ma | Dietitian

Leader Tailor has opened my eyes to a level of professionalism and value that transcends the typical off-the-rack shirts. Their handcrafted and tailored shirts boast a meticulous cut, delivering a sleek and well-fitted sophistication that makes it challenging to return to ordinary styles.
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Lynn | Consultant

On this occasion, I am indulging in an impeccably crafted custom-tailored shit, designed to align perfectly with my distinctive style and preferences. It stands as a treasured gift, embodying the principles of self-care and a celebration of individual taste.
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Scylla | Startup Consultant

The shirt stands as an unequivocally worthwhile investment within the the business world. Its significance transcends gender, catering to women executives, such as myself, who embrace a polished and classy style—making it an indispensable and versatile wardrobe essential.
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Kuzia | Event Host

My upper body is relatively slim, and with sloping shoulders. When I find a suit style I like, it's either not loose enough or the length doesn't match. Leader Tailor's personalized customization solved my suit fitting problem. Also, the measuring steps was really quick and the price is reasonable.
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Experience counts.

Mr. Fu | Lawyer

Take a look at the tailoring of the bespoke suits in the photo, skillfully concealing the beer belly I acquired from enjoying good food in recent years. As the saying goes, an old ox makes a straight furrow—experience truly makes a difference!
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Mrs. Lin, Anica | Entrepreneur

Being of short stature with narrow shoulders like myself, the suit jacket I purchased from a retail store often gives the impression of a child donning adult attire. It's only through bespoke suits that I can achieve a perfect fit, highlighting my professionalism and elegance simultaneously.
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Build up your first impression.

Brenda | Career Consultant

Leader Tailor offers suits of impeccable quality, attractive prices, outstanding service, and prompt delivery. Throughout the tailoring and fabric selection process, Heidi and James engaged in patient and insightful exchanges of ideas with me.
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Lady Karen | Entrepreneur

When picking shirt fabrics, it's hard to visualize how the fabric will transform into a garment. I chose the pink color recommended by Heidi. I've never thought such a color can be so stand out while I'm wearing it. Truly appreciate the professionalism of Leader Tailor.
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Dress good, work good.

Mr. Red | Nutritionist

The shirt's material stands out for its exceptional quality, distinguishing it from others. It is firm yet breathable, and even after wearing it throughout the day, I don't feel stifled at all. I'm quite fond of it and definitely plan to wear this shirt for various speaking engagements.
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Ruby | Etiquette Instructor

Tailored shirt is such a savior! My shoulder proportion isn't average. After all, store-bought clothes are made for the average fit, leaving me with sleeves too short or shoulders too wide. I can finally showcase my body curve while wearing a formal shirt.
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Ms. Debbie | IP instructor

I selected a color that is entirely new to my wardrobe. The embroidered name on the sleeves carries significant personal meaning. The tailored shirt provides exceptional comfort while complementing my silhouette beautifully.
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Ms. Yu | Color Consultant

I express my gratitude to Leader Tailor for crafting a bespoke suit that fits me impeccably, meeting my specific design and tailoring preferences flawlessly.
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Tailor-made Dress

Ms. 穎芝 | Sake Sommelier

Professional and detailed-oriented customized service gave me a wonderful VIP experience. Thank you Leader Tailor for this perfect dress.
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Mr. Jiang

I took the opportunity to craft a tailored three-piece suit for my wedding, and I couldn't be more delighted with the precision fit and stylish cut. Every detail was carefully considered, it was a truly special ensemble for such a momentous occasion.
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Mr. Ye | Corporate President

James' expert recommendations have made Leader Tailor's business formal suits and business casual attire suitable for any occasion.
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Mr. Lin | CEO

From starting my own business at a young age up to the present, I have been ordering bespoke suits from Leader Tailor for over 30 years. The quality is consistently reliable!
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"Five Decades of history, Five Decades of constant quality."

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