About Mr. James Lin - The Last Samurai of Bespoke Suit

James Lin came to Taipei from his hometown Jioufen alone in 1956. The rising of the bespoke suit business was the golden opportunity for him. Starting from the measurement and cutting allows James to set the fundamentals, and later he was promoted as a store manager due to his hard work and outgoing personality. In 1960, James provided services for American soldiers. At the time, soldiers were not allowed to go out from the camp with their uniforms on. As the hub for training and stationary, thousands of soldiers coming in and out from Taiwan. His sophisticated and nearly perfect skills are the accumulation of over 30 thousand clients.
In 1970, the clientele of tailor service has gradually shifted to businessmen and travelers. James opened the first Leader Tailor in Hau Kou hotel and soon expanded into 4 stores.
In 1980, the establishment of its flagship subsided in Sheraton hotel. Leader Tailor's name became the only went to bespoke suit in Taiwan. In 2007, Leader tailor moved to the main street of Linshen North Road and served clients from entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, government officials.
The style of bespoke suits evolved through time, but the passion, the craftsmanship have transcended with it. Any suit built is to witness history and to appreciate the fine craftsmanship experience.

From the 1950s to the early 1960s, it was mainly doing business with the US military (US troops participating in the Vietnam War came to Taiwan for vacation. The military stipulated that they had to wear casual clothes to enter restaurants and other sensual places. Therefore, the US military would make several sets after getting off the plane. Casual clothes will be completed the next day after the factory rushes to work). What's interesting is...the textile technology in Taiwan did not improve at that time, and the clothes made would fade and shrink! The U.S. military will go to the U.S. Army Welfare Agency to purchase fabrics, linings, buttons, zippers and other materials on their own.
The U.S. military will have two flights to Taiwan every day. As soon as he enters the hotel, he begins to measure his body. Boss Lin's precise measurement technique is the result of a large number of body measurements at that time. Although the cumulative number of times is untestable, the highest record was 40 people a day. One needs to be changed!
After the 1960s, the tailoring of suits gradually turned to European and American tourists and business people. Boss Lin opened the first courtesy suit in the Hua Guo Hotel in 1967. It was in its heyday. At the same time, there are four stores, and when the predecessor of the Sheraton Hotel opened in the 1970s, it was stationed in the shopping street, which is the first Reed suit in the B1 shopping street of the Sheraton Hotel.
In the late 1990s, there was a gradual transformation. In 1996, Reed West moved from the Sheraton Hotel to No. 1 Linsen North Road. The main customer group was changed to Taiwanese locals, taking the route of middle and high class, many entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, politicians, Diplomats are loyal customers of Reed. Boss Lin's keen sense of fashion, tailor-made experience and understanding of tailoring suits are all the reasons for the trust and affirmation of loyal old customers. Many customers are loyal customers of Reed for three generations, which makes the boss feel very honored and gratified!
Boss Lin has 47 years of experience and unique vision in design, tailoring, fabric selection, and occasion matching. He can be called a national treasure of Taiwan! (Interviewed by NHK many years ago, the last samurai of the boss's tailor-made suit). Two years ago, he went to France to further his studies in fashion design and brought Taiwanese men's suits to the world. His dedication and seriousness to suits is truly admirable!