【Leader Tailor】The 5 Best Wedding Suit Tips | Taipei's Finest Bespoke Tailor Store

【Leader Tailor】The 5 Best Wedding Suit Tips | Taipei's Finest Bespoke Tailor Store

With multiple weddings coming up, you may be bringing out those suits in order to look your best self. After all, every man needs to look phenomenal in his suit to look like a true gentleman. Whether you're a groomsman, a guest, or the groom himself, you may need some wedding suit tips to really look your best.

5 Best Wedding Suit Tips:

  1. Pick materials according to the season:

If the wedding is taking place in fall or winter, it is best to grab a wool or wool blend suit so that you stay warm throughout the event.

For spring or summer weddings, wedding suit tips call for a light wool suit with silk or cotton. If the wedding is semi-formal, you can also opt for a linen suit which is perfect for the hot summertime.

  1. Pick the right cut:

You should pick the cut according to your body type. A classic fit suit cut is very spacious, allows movement, and fits nicely along the contours of the body. The slim fit has much less room as it hugs your body. It is narrowly fitted around the shoulders but much slimmer at the waist. A modern fit is a blend between the two. It's fitted but not as restrictive.

  1. The lapel:

This is a minor difference that not a lot of people notice. Consider it your statement and pick what you like best from the notch, peak, or shawl lapel.

  1. Single or double-breasted:

It is often best to opt for a single-breasted suit. Double-breasted ones are not flattering on everyone and are difficult to adjust in case of error.

  1. Get a bespoke suit:

The best wedding suit tip it to get a bespoke suit; the best option for any wedding. This is because you can customize it to your liking, and it will fit you to perfection. You'll even have a consultation with phenomenal tailors who know what will look best on you.

What should you do if you need a bespoke suit in a hurry?

Bespoke suits usually take ten weeks to complete. However, if you're in a hurry, here's a wedding suit tip that’ll help. Find a company that only makes bespoke suits and request for faster delivery. Most companies have speedy services that’ll cost you a little extra. 

Next, you'll need to minimize your options. Go for something simple with minimal detail so it can be made quickly. This will also be more affordable. Even if it is simple, it will fit perfectly, so you don't need any extra details to look amazing.

Here in Leader Tailor, we can meet your need. counsel our tailor master. Our speedy delivery can be done in 3-5 days.

Where can you find a good tailor in Taipei?

Finding a good bespoke tailor can be difficult, but we've done it for you. Leader tailor has some of the best tailors in Taipei and has worked their way to the top with over 50 years of experience. We specialize in bespoke suits, so we know exactly how to make them to perfection. The best wedding suit tip if you’re in Taipei is to get a bespoke suit made from Leader Tailor for the perfect fit.