The collaboration with Azuro Republic is a memorable encounter. It was around April last year. I had a business meeting about opening a few more franchises in Shenzhen, China. I remembered we were in the 18-floor business lounge in Four Seasons. While discussing some terms and conditions, I glimpsed this man walking into the lounge with what I believed an Ermenegildo Zegna spring release Kashmir navy blue strips double-breasted bespoke suits, and a thick black turtleneck. What really caught my attention was how he handles himself. He looks confident and charming, but not all over the place, just like his jewelry.

As the third generation of a tailor, I appreciate people pay extra effort into dressing themselves.
"I had to know this guy," I said it repeatedly in my mind and hoped this business meeting could end soon.
We had a quick exchange of words at the bar, and I soon realized he is the co-founder of Azuro Republic, an international man's jewelry brand. They have a full line of bespoke jewelry just for men and are most famous for their iconic beaded bracelets, gold bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks.
The collaboration between Leader tailor and Azuro Republic went very smoothly. The understanding of what a man needs from a professional point of view and how accessories can be a part of the identity is right on.

Hand-made artisan at its finest

Azuro Republic Leaf cufflinks are wrapped with hand-finishing wires to symbolize the circle of leaves. Offering more than 20 different rare crystals give this design luxurious touch. Truly I was stunned by how Azuro Republic crafts so many rare gems into a set of cufflinks.

Style defines

The beaded bracelets of Azuro Republic are some of the finest jewelry I have seen. I later understood the quality of gemstones is like diamonds, and they have different grades. Color, texture, clarity, and even the origins can heavily affect the pricing. Their Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet and Tiger Eye beaded bracelets with 18k gold are some of the bracelets I ordered for my clients.

Exploring Azuro gems

Azuro Republic has its own mines to control and monitor quality gemstones and imports raw gems from trusted partners in India, Tibet, USA, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, and other 10 countries. If you are looking for all-natural, grade AAA crystals of beautiful luster and texture, you know where to find them.

The tailor suits business is what I love. I live and breathe it. This collaboration of men's accessories with Leader tailor suits is to showcase how a man can be professional, sophisticated, but fun, stylish at the same time.